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The Virtual Job Interview: How to Ace It

The UK Careers Fair

Have you ever wanted to work with a company that is in another region or country? If so, then the virtual job interview might be your answer. These interviews are conducted through zoom, skype, or other video conferencing software. They are designed to allow companies and employees to connect despite being thousands of miles apart. The best part about these interviews is that there is no need for travel expenses!

In this blog post, we will discuss how to ace the virtual job interview process.

·       When preparing for a virtual interview, make sure you have all the equipment needed to do well.

You should have a laptop, zoom/skype login information, and a quiet place to do the interview.

If you know ahead of time that there will be an issue with your connection or equipment, try to call in early so you have time to fix it!

Also, remember to bring paper and a pencil if needed for taking notes during the interview.

When interviewing over zoom, consider practicing by doing multiple tries beforehand while speaking out loud so you can get comfortable using zoom's software features. For skype interviews, make sure both parties are on computers before starting because switching devices mid-interview is awkward! If this does happen, don't worry too much - apologize for any confusion but continue anyway since people often forget about technology after getting into the interview.

·       Dress appropriately - put on your best suit or dress, and don't forget to comb your hair.

It’s highly important to look good!

Even though the interview is virtual, you still want to feel confident in your clothes, and having a nice outfit will help with this. Also, make sure you are well-groomed before going on zoom or skype since no one wants to see messy hair, wrinkled clothing, etc.…

Your appearance matters too because it can put someone at ease if they feel like they have met an important professional even through screens. If you need assistance finding clothes that look good, then ask for advice from friends or family members - remember, not everyone has the same taste, so don't be offended when people suggest outfits that do not appeal to you.

Remember: looking sharp during these interviews will give you a great impression of yourself as professional and polished.

·       Make sure you're in a quiet place with no distractions.

Choose a place with as little background noise as possible.

It would be best if you were sitting in a well-lit room, and there shouldn't be any pets or other people around you to avoid disruptions during the zoom/skype call. If someone else is nearby, let them know that they have to leave until your interview is over, so it won't interrupt!

Also, make sure you are not distracted by music, videos playing on TV screens, etc.… because these will show up when interviewing, which might irritate the interviewer who wants undivided attention from you. Remember this tip before doing an online virtual job interview, considering how awkward most job interviews are already without adding distractions into the mix - remember this tip before doing an online virtual job interview!

If needed, remind yourself of what needs to be done so you can stay focused and on track - do a little practice run beforehand if this helps.

·       Keep eye contact with the interviewer and be confident when answering questions.

You need to look the interviewer in the eyes when answering questions, and don't forget to smile!

Keeping eye contact is a big part of making a good impression, so make sure you look at zoom's camera during your interview. If this isn't possible, then consider using zoom's screen sharing feature so they can see your face better. Another option would be to use skype if it has an "auto-answer video" feature that lets people watch you before deciding whether to accept/reject your call; ask ahead of time about these features since some zoom accounts do not have them available.

When doing zoom interviews try practicing beforehand by talking aloud like we mentioned above – remember, look sharp and keep yourself on what needs to be done!

·       Remember that this is just as important as an in-person interview and treat it like one!

A virtual interview should be treated the same as an in-person interview because zoom/skype are just tools to connect you with your interviewer.

The zoom/skype interview is an important part of the job search process, and it should be treated like any other job interview. Just because zoom or skype might make you more nervous than face-to-face interviews doesn't mean that this interviewing shouldn't also come with high expectations!

Remember to dress nicely, answer questions honestly (but not too bluntly), smile while talking, etc.… if you want your interviewer to think highly of you - even though zoom can let people connect over a distance, keep in mind these are still professional settings, so act accordingly!

Don't forget: a zoom is just a tool used to communicate between two parties who may be far apart for many reasons. You will be great on a virtual interview if you treat it like an actual job interview - zoom/skype is just another tool to make this happen!

·       Please send an email thanking them for their time after the interview has concluded.

After the zoom/skype interview is complete, it would be good to send an email thanking the interviewer for their time.

This can help you stand out from other candidates because not many people do this after zoom/skype interviews, even though sending thank-you notes are important in all job search processes!

Also, the zoom/skype interviewer might not remember you after the interview has concluded but reminding them of who you are by sending an email within 24-hours can help make a good impression.

Remember: this is just like any other job search process, so don't forget to send a thank-you email out of courtesy.

This shows that you care about making a good first impression, and people notice these things - which means it could be what helps land you the job in the end!

If you follow these steps, you are sure to ace any zoom or skype interview that might come your way!

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