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Pressing The Work Reset Button For 2023

Joanna Clare

If you are anything like me, as you hurtled  towards the close of 2022, you will probably have wanted to make sure that all those little niggling things that you had omitted to do throughout the months, were finally done and completed. So hopefully there was nothing left outstanding and all important  paperwork and invoices were  as they should be, relevant emails sent and all clients and customers were left satisfied and eager for more business in 2023.

It can be a very satisfying and liberating feeling to literally ‘close the door’ on work at the end of the year, knowing that you have done everything that was needed to be done and that you won't be lying awake worrying about tomorrow's workload or an impending deadline.

The Christmas and New Year break with its associated bank holidays, usually offers some kind of break in the working routine and most people do manage to have some time to themselves once the office closes for the festive season. ( Of course, this does not apply to everyone as there are still countless people who do work hard over Christmas and New Year!)

However, it can seem that just as you are getting used to not having to rush around in the morning ready for a potentially busy and stressful day in the office - you are already back there and wondering to yourself  how the Christmas break seemed to go so fast. It can actually  feel rather overwhelming but with a little forward thinking, it doesn't have to feel like that at all.

Put aside any mistakes that may have been made, any less than professional attitudes and any grudges. Start the new working year with a clear and healthy mindset towards work, your colleagues and especially towards yourself.

It is important to pause for a moment and to congratulate yourself on everything that you managed to achieve in the previous year and that here is a brand new year where you can mentally press a reset button.

Remind yourself that there is no better time to implement fresh and new ideas, introduce strategies that enable your working life to run more smoothly, new routines, forward planning and self discipline combined with a structure that works for you - these can all transform your working life.

Then, combine all the latter with the most important aspect of all for a smooth year of work in the twelve months ahead which are two words that are imperative - self care. By putting your own needs first and looking after your own physical and mental health, you will be in a much better mindset to care for colleagues and to work at maximum efficiency.

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