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Our Secret to Finding the Best Hidden Graduate Jobs

October 29, 2021
The UK Careers Fair

Finding a job fresh out of graduation can be incredibly daunting for a lot of people. Because of that, you may end up looking in the wrong places and land a job that's not suited for you. But with the overwhelming list of opportunities, you should know that there are a few hidden gems here and there that might catch your attention.

The great thing about entry-level jobs is that you can find them in most places, and the thing is, some aren't even advertised at all. In some fields, like journalism and PR, companies encourage applicants to be proactive and seek out jobs even when there aren't any postings available—that's how you find those hidden job gems.

With that said, it pays to do some research on the different companies in your chosen industry and join a virtual job fair platform to boost your chances of finding the perfect job. But how do you be proactive about your job search?

Tip #1: Try to Talk Your Way Into Landing a Job

Networking and connecting with people is extremely powerful, especially when it comes to job searching. To do this, make a list of people you know and who might be able to help you land a job.

Most of the time, people are usually happy to talk about their careers and feel more impressed when further contacts reach out to them for help in connecting to their company or other recruiters.

Tip #2: Submit Your CV and Cover Letter Anyway

Even if the company you're interested in doesn't have a job posting, it is still worth shooting your shot and sending over your CV and cover letter to their recruiter. This is great because you won't be competing with a wave of applications, allowing companies and recruiters to take notice of you.

Tip #3: Land a Job Through Work Experience

Sometimes, one of the best ways to land a job is through work experience, and this means either doing voluntary work or a work placement. By doing this, you get to build your contacts, allowing you to look at the right places while building your portfolio and resume.

If it doesn't work out, it will still be a good edge for you in the future, especially if you stay connected with the team and you can try your luck again next time.

Tip #4: Get Advice From Professional in Your Circle

As we mentioned earlier, looking for a job can be challenging; that's why you should consider giving yourself the best chance by speaking to the professionals in your circle for tips and advice.

Career talks and services can also provide you with some helpful insight to help you get ahead in a competitive job search market. This way, you'll get to be exposed to different companies, which could help you find a company that's fit for you.

Tip #5: Look for Jobs in the Right Places

We said it before, and we'll say it again—make sure you're looking for jobs in the right places. Checking out virtual job fair platforms can help you find jobs that are best suited for your experience and interest.

Fortunately, online platforms offer online job fairs, allowing you to scout through a list of fantastic companies that could potentially be your first job opportunity. But of course, enter the arena prepared, and you'll definitely land an interview!

The Bottom Line: You Can Find the Right Job If You Stay Proactive

Looking for a job can be pretty overwhelming at times. But hunting for one on the right platform can give you better chances of landing that interview. With that said, look for credible virtual job fair platforms, sign up, and start hunting for your dream job!

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