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Living And Working In Taunton

Joanna Clare

Taunton is situated in the county of Somerset in the South West of England and is very close to the border of Devon. It is recognised as the county town of Somerset.

At around 160 miles from London depending on the route taken, there are regular direct train lines and uncomplicated travel by road which will usually consist of the M5 and M4. The nearest airport to Taunton is Exeter Airport which is around 25 miles away and offers regular scheduled, seasonal and charter flights to and from the town.

Taunton has a long and interesting history which dates from at least the 7th century with tantalising tales of nobility, sieges and rebellions. Having enjoyed a successful wool trade, once this came to a natural decline Taunton prospered and expanded in many ways.

The town of Taunton now enjoys strong links in a diverse mixture of businesses from manufacturing and advanced engineering, hi tech, environmental, scientific, health care, retail and professional services. The unemployment rate in this important town is lower than the UK average and it is a continuing trend for the employment rate to remain the highest within the whole of the UK which this year, 2022, stands at 79.3%.

Several well known businesses and head offices have their foundations in Taunton. In addition to having a hydrographic Ministry of Defence office (UKHO) here, the construction of the nuclear power point Hinkley Point C is set to provide many new opportunities with Taunton being a major economic base for investments, businesses and suppliers.

Taunton and indeed Somerset as a whole, has a keen interest in the production of cider and is rather famous for the quality and craftsmanship of its apple based drinks.

Taunton has been voted the happiest place to live in the South West and it is little wonder when you take into consideration the many interesting and exciting features that it has to offer. Sample delights such as a visit to St Mary Magdalene Church which is situated in the heart of Taunton, Bishops Lydeard mill, the English Willow Visitor Centre and the spectacular Vivary Park.

If you venture slightly further afield you can visit Exmoor National Park with its landscapes of woods, farms, moors and natural habitats for british wildlife including the noted wild ponies. The well loved and ever popular beaches and holiday destinations of Devon and Cornwall are also within easy reach.

Education levels are promising in Taunton and The University Somerset is a leading provider which offers a huge variety of courses and facilities of the highest standards.

Quickly becoming a property hotspot, an average house price currently stands at less than £300,000 in this historic and flourishing market town.

At The UK Careers Fair, we provide job applicants to find openings and opportunities to find their new corporate home. If you’re looking for career fairs in the UK, you’ll be glad to know that there will be a career fair held in Taunton at The Castle Hotel on Friday 30th September from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Signup with us to get updates on the latest recruitment events!

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