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Living and Working in Newport

Joanna Clare

Newport is a small yet vibrant, multicultural city and county borough situated in Wales. It lies just on the border to England and has a growing population. The city is easily accessible from London and a drive up the M4 will have you arriving in Newport in a little over three hours whereas a train journey can typically take you there in around two hours. The nearest airport is Bristol International Airport which offers well over one hundred destinations.

Newport has an interesting history which dates back over two thousand years and the river that flows through~ the Usk ~ has been of great importance over the centuries and has been used for trading and transportation, as well as attracting many visitors. However, it was during the industrial revolution in the 19th century that transformed Newport into a seaport town to one of the most important places for the production of steel and for the export of coal. In the 20th century, the importance of the docks began to decline yet the town remained a hub for manufacturing and engineering. Newport was granted city status in 2002 to mark the Golden Jubilee of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Newport has a diverse economy with a strong manufacturing sector with several companies producing advanced components, automotive parts and medical devices, logistics and distribution - due to Newport’s close proximity to major transport routes, creative industries, financial and business services, education, research and tourism.

The original University of Newport merged with the University of Glamorgan in 2013 when it became known as the University of South Wales. However, the legacy continues with a modern and well regarded campus in Newport which is home to a number of faculties.

Newport is a friendly and affordable city with several notable landmarks such as Tredegar House which is a 17th century mansion, Newport Castle - the ruin of a 14th century castle which is now a grade II listed building and Newport Cathedral - the smallest cathedral in Wales which has been a sacred site for over fifteen hundred years and founded by St Woolos. The Transporter Bridge, which is currently closed for restoration, is a remarkable operational bridge which is effectively a suspended ferry which operates far more efficiently than a conventional one and is well worth viewing. There’s a medieval ship to visit, an interesting museum and gallery, a thriving theatre and arts centre and Newport Wetlands Reserve which is one of the most important places in Wales for birds and wildlife, a traditional covered market plus so much more.

Newport offers an ideal lifestyle with excellent schooling, friendly locals and wonderful scenery everywhere you turn -the Brecon Beacons being only thirty minutes away, as is the Wye Valley Area Of Oustanding National Beauty.

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