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Living and Working in Glasgow

Joanna Clare

Glasgow is a city situated on what is classed as Scotland's western lowlands and is a port city, on the banks of the River Clyde which leads into the Atlantic Ocean. It is the largest city within Scotland and lies within the county of Lanarkshire.

Having an oceanic climate, Glasgow can be predisposed towards cold and wet winters and cooler summers but of course, one can never fully predict the weather forecast.

Glasgow can be traced back to around the sixth century and was a successful market place then later on prospered in trade, especially coal, cloth, tobacco, sugar and rum. More developments arrived in the time of the Industrial Revolution. Coal, iron, chemicals, linens, glass, soap and paper were all being produced and with a strong emphasis on ship building and locomotive construction, this further enhanced productivity.

Nowadays, modern Glasgow has a totally different economic story and leading industries include financial, education, research, healthcare, creative, life sciences, hospitality, technology, transport and communications. Traditional shipbuilding, engineering and construction are still to this day focused around the port.

A diverse and prosperous city, ambitious Glasgow has been predicted for significant growth this year and moves towards its targets of net zero carbon, attaining the most inclusive major economy and most advanced economy in the UK.

The wonderful  University of Glasgow which dates back centuries, attracts students from over 140 different countries and offers some of the broadest ranges of courses in the UK. You can also choose either the nearby University of Strathclyde or the Glasgow Caledonian University which are both fantastic places to study and excel in your chosen field.

Voted ‘best city break in 2021’, there are so many things to see and do in Glasgow. When it comes to shopping, there's an exciting mix of high street brands, independent stores and quirky, stylish markets selling everything from hand crafted candles to seasonal fruit and vegetables that have been locally sourced. The same can be said for eating out whether you want to relax in an old pub steeped in tradition, enjoy a plant based or vegetarian feast (Glasgow boasts that it is one of the world's most vegan friendly cities) or simply grab a quick and tasty lunch on the go.

Set within a rich splendour of exceptional Victorian architecture, Glasgow has a huge array of museums and galleries. For something different, visit the Necropolis or enjoy a sample of whisky at the Glengoyne Distillery then afterwards take a gentle walk around the Glasgow Botanic Gardens. The beautiful medieval Glasgow Cathedral which has been welcoming congregations for more than eight hundred years is also well worth a visit.

Whether it is luxurious modern open plan living or the feeling of stepping back in time with an older property and even perhaps a little further afield from the city itself, there is so much variety. Average properties are less than £200,000, the cost of living is considerably cheaper than other parts of the UK and the locals are renowned for their friendly nature.

The UK Careers Fair, the leading provider of Recruitment Events, Career Fairs and Job Fairs in the United Kingdom, will be holding an event in Glasgow on Friday 18th March and Wednesday 12th October at Hampden Park, between the times of 10am - 2pm. Looking for a Job or Career in Glasgow? Our events are free to attend, register for a free ticket!

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