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Keeping Calm Under Pressure In The Workplace

Joanna Clare

Every now and again, in most workplace scenarios, the pressure rises and can become quite intense. Whether it is due to an important deadline that is fast approaching, having to make a speech in front of others, chairing meetings, dealing with colleagues or just having to make a series of rapid and difficult decisions - once the pressure is on you can definitely feel it!

Research shows that a small amount of stress from pressure can actually be good for us as it tests resilience and increases our stamina.

Some people seem to thrive in stressful work situations and take charge of any situation but for many others it can all feel quite daunting and overwhelming and they will tend to become less effective. Therefore, it is important that we learn to deal internally with the stress and chaos that external and intense pressure can cause. We can actually become proficient in remaining relaxed enough so that it enables us to handle anything that an intensely pressured working environment brings.

Focusing on one thing at a time can help to alleviate being distracted by other issues and allows full concentration on the situation in hand. If working within a team, you will find that your calm yet competent attitude will reassure colleagues and they too will then feel more able to deal with any stress that arises as they will feel more at ease.

Breathing exercises are simple yet designed to ground you and are becoming increasingly popular as more people realise that we do have control over our responses. Learning and utilising a breathing technique can slow the heart rate down, calm the mind and make us more rational when faced with a challenge.

Prioritise what needs to be done by breaking a large task into smaller steps which can decrease the feelings of overwhelm and replacing them with accomplishment.

Set boundaries and delegate as and when is necessary. Do not feel obliged to try to manage everything yourself or all in one go. Commission and assign appropriate and necessary tasks to other colleagues and encourage a joint effort.

Seeking help and advice from experienced colleagues or by approaching management can prove invaluable as not only are you benefiting from experienced and respected words of wisdom but you are also showing initiative by looking outside of your immediate area for support.

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