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Job Vacancies Remain At High Level

Joanna Clare

It is now a fact that the job vacancies have risen to such a high level that it has recently been described by the ONS director of economic statistics, that vacancies are actually at a historically high level despite there being a slight decrease in the rate of employment by the end of last month.

This is very good news for job seekers and anyone who may be considering a change of job or career. With the low unemployment levels also hitting the headlines and it being widely reported that it is the lowest since the 1980’s, it appears that the economy of the UK is in an extremely strong position.

Of course, there is no getting away from the worry of the current cost of living but on the flip side of that, the jobs are out there - and lots of them. Unsettling as it is and with the uncertainty most definitely affecting the majority of people at some level, it is important to concentrate on positives.

Statistically, there is now a job available for each person who is currently unemployed which is fantastic news. Many companies are eager to retain the employees that they already have and many have offered large bonuses of recent to help with the cost of living but they are also aware that employees are more likely to remain faithful to an employer that has been financially generous towards them. That is not to say that some employees do inevitably leave to move on to pastures new, whether or not they have been offered a financial incentive.

With so many job vacancies at the moment, that means that there will be more to choose from. This shows in the recent data which provides the information that in employees average total pay which includes any bonus payments, there has been a healthy 5.1% increase over the last quarter.

So can you afford to be picky? Based on your own personal criterias of working conditions, travelling, distance and location plus not forgetting the all important salary then the answer should be a definite yes.

Whilst the outcome of any potential job application or interview may never be guaranteed in becoming successful, the present climate can allow you to be in a position to secure more chances of applying for a job. This is simply because there are more vacancies needing to be filled.

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