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How To Turn Your Passion In To Your Career

Joanna Clare

For many people, the idea of turning what their interest, passion or hobby into a career is the ultimate dream. Imagine getting paid for doing what you love! It sounds fantastic and we all know of someone or have read about others who have done just that and are now living the ideal life. Yet, could it happen to us? Can we make our dream into reality? The answer is a definite yes so here are some tips to get you started to living the life you have only ever dreamed about.

Firstly, you must identify what your passion actually is. This may sound like basic common sense but so many people can have a vague idea about what it is that they enjoy doing and what they would like to achieve out of it. You must have a clear understanding of what your true passion is and you must love doing it.

For example, someone may love flowers and have some knowledge regarding flowers. They see flowers as their passion and their dream is to work with them, but doing what? Work in a florist or have their own florist? Specialise in wedding arrangements? Train to become a horticulturist? Work in a nursery? Become a gardener? Grow your own flowers to sell?  Write a book about flowers? Give talks and demonstrations about flowers? The list is exhaustive and so you can see there are so many avenues and why you have to be specific.

Once your passion is identified, the next step is to research the industry that surrounds it. This will help you to understand the demand for your passion and the types of jobs that are available in that particular field.

Perhaps you need or would like some extra training or further education which would further enhance your knowledge and skills. Research what is available and how to go about enrolling on a course.

Networking is often crucial when it comes to turning your passion into a career so use all means necessary to connect with like minded professionals and attend events which are related to your passion. This will give you opportunities to learn more about the industry and will enable you to make valuable contacts that may be able to help you along the way.

Be realistic in your ventures. Whilst it may be emotionally fulfilling to follow your dream, it may not be financially lucrative, especially when starting out. Be prepared to make sacrifices at times and do not give up a well paid job immediately without weighing up the pros and cons carefully.

Persevere. People will try to dissuade you from following your passion. They may make negative comments. However, this is your journey and not theirs so listen to yourself and not negative people. Stay focused and committed, be prepared for setbacks and failures but make sure you learn something from these and then carry on with what you believe in.

Finally, take care of yourself whilst pursuing your dream as you may experience some lonely and difficult times but with the correct mindset, you may discover that anything is possible.

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