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How To Communicate Effectively In Your Workplace

Joanna Clare

Effective communication is essential for the smooth running of any workplace. Good communication amongst all staff is key to building professional relationships, achieving goals and promoting a positive and enjoyable working environment for everyone involved. Without good communication, problems arise and will continue to arise with the potential of a chaotic and non productive workplace. Confusion and misunderstandings will invariably occur leading to low morale amongst the workforce and many missed opportunities.

Communication comes in various forms. There are emails, letters, texts, telephone calls, social media platforms, paperwork, verbal and non verbal, sign language, encrypted messaging…the list goes on! Yet, it is how you utilise any of these that will promote communication that much more effectively which will have a hugely positive effect on everyone involved.

Effective communication is essential for building strong relationships with both colleagues and clients alike. By aiming to be open, honest and transparent in all your communication, you can seek to build trust and respect with others which will definitely lead to stronger partnerships and much better teamwork.

Communication plays a vital role in fostering a positive working environment so by communicating clearly and respectfully, you can help create a culture of open dialogue and mutual respect. This in turn, will boost morale amongst colleagues and improve job satisfaction.

Effective communication is essential for achieving common goals. By ensuring everyone is on the same page and understands their roles and responsibilities, you can improve efficiency and productivity which will certainly lead to much better outcomes for your immediate colleagues and the company that you work for.

Always ensure that you listen actively and are fully present in all work related conversations, taking time to consider other people’s perspectives and opinions.

Be clear and concise in all communications whether it is a simple vocal instruction or a more intricate email. Avoid using abbreviated language, technical terms or jargon that not everyone may understand or may even misconstrue and keep your messages focused.

We often rely a lot upon another person's body language and facial expressions which can communicate much about their intentions or emotions. Therefore, make certain that you are aware of your non verbal cues and use them effectively.

Providing feedback is an essential part of communicating effectively. Make sure that you provide regular constructive feedback that is focused on specific behaviours or actions and that the way in which it is delivered is respectful and supportive and not negative, personal or likely to offend or distress in any way.

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