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Getting Along With All Colleagues

Joanna Clare

Unfortunately, no matter how nice and kind or tolerant we would like to think of ourselves as being, there are always one or two people in life that we may find it difficult to warm to. Whether this is because of differing outlooks and ways of doing things or it may even just be down to a certain personality type, it is impossible to like every single person we meet.

Occasionally, we may not be able to specify what it actually is about the other person but if there is definitely something amiss, we may have to settle with the fact that this particular relationship is just not going to work out! Often in our personal lives we can easily deal with this by avoiding certain people but this is not always possible in other areas of our lives.

When it is within our working environment it can be particularly challenging especially if we pride ourselves on being a colleague who enjoys the camaraderie of all. The good news is there are several strategies that we can implement to make our working environment harmonious.

Remember that work is work. Yes, you may be in the office or a similar situation for the majority of the day but professionalism must be maintained at all times so make the time productive by focusing upon your tasks and not on your personal feelings. This will help you remain motivated and perhaps ultimately allow you both to share some common ground.

Never allow your feelings towards them affect how you interact with them on a professional level. Maintain politeness and keep a civil atmosphere.

Do not be tempted to gossip or share your negative feelings with other colleagues. Gossip is never pleasant for anyone involved and can often backfire as well as your colleagues being made to feel uncomfortable or that they must somehow take sides. Focus on moving your thoughts towards finding a way to work with your colleague in a constructive and positive way. Let others make their own judgements for themselves.

Do not attempt to undermine your colleague in any way. If you find that being in close proximity with them is challenging then keep your distance and keep all interactions to a minimum.

As time goes on, if the circumstances have become intolerable for you for whatever reason - perhaps it is causing you stress or affecting the ability to do your work properly then you must talk to your manager so at least they can become aware of how you feel. They should be able to offer some guidance for you or even a form of mediation so that everyone involved can work together to improve the situation.

Finally, many of us find that it is often the people that initially challenge us the most that actually become firm and dear friends further down the line. Abraham Lincoln once said ‘I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.’

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