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Feeling Undervalued At Work

Joanna Clare

If you are in a working environment where you are feeling undervalued then it can become quite demotivating and frustrating fairly quickly. Your mental health can be affected in a negative way due to the lack of self esteem and self worth that you will inevitably experience, especially if you feel like your contributions, dedication and hard work are not being recognised or even appreciated by others. Perhaps you have been overlooked for promotions, you may feel you are being taken advantage of by doing others’ work or feel that others take praise for your efforts. It could be that you feel you are not seen for your true potential. Whatever the problem, it can be resolved.

Hopefully, by taking certain steps to initiate improving how you feel and tackling the issues then you can soon be enjoying your role and positively anticipating each working day.

It is important to maintain communication with your managers or HR representative so they can become aware of the situation and how you are feeling and why. Be honest and open with them whilst you outline the specifics and do not be afraid to ask for their managerial input on how your performance can be maintained. At the same time addressing any direct concerns you have. Make notes beforehand if you feel this may help you, especially if you are feeling anxious or nervous or worried that you may forget a vital factor. This way, nothing will be left unsaid and you will feel lighter having been able to discuss everything that is on your mind. Tell them how it is affecting you and what you would like the outcome to be.

Keep track of your own accomplishments and contributions you are making to the company which will help towards recognition and will help your company to see your potential and strengths.

Always be on the lookout for opportunities to expand your knowledge and actively seek out opportunities for any professional development which can further increase your value.

Often your colleagues can be extremely helpful in helping you identify any areas which may be holding you back or affecting you in a less than positive way. By gaining insight into how your colleagues perceive your contributions and how your role and indeed yourself are perceived, will give you a clearer understanding of the situation and build towards rectifying it.

Ultimately, the most important aspect of ever feeling undermined or not valued enough is to prioritise yourself over anything and everyone else. Your own well being is of paramount importance so if you feel you have tried to improve the situation to no avail then it may be time to ask yourself if you should be thinking about looking for a new job where your opinions and work ethic will be appreciated. There are so many different roles within many different jobs, in many different companies!

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