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Enrichment Beyond The Workplace: Tips For Opening Your Employee’s Minds

Isabella Goode

Workplaces should be rich with prospects. Still, that doesn’t mean that team members can’t have outside passions and interests.

Many companies adopt a ‘work first’ mentality, but it may not be the best way to get the most out of workers. Sometimes, thinking about other matters may be a positive thing, granting workers the perspective and motivation they need to thrive in their roles and personal lives. There’s no need to make them choose between either.

Enrichment can be found beyond the workplace. Moreover, in your role as an employer, you can serve as a bridge between these opportunities and your workers. Your influence can go a long way, and you can use it to have a more active presence in your worker’s lives.

Consequently, here are some ways you can open your employee’s minds by exploring opportunities outside the workplace.  

Recommend a Course

Courses can imbue workers with skills that they can bring to the workplace. Some online variations can take place over 6 to 10 weeks and allow learners to pace their progress themselves. They can also have diverse offerings.

For example, The London School of Economics and Political Science has a varied range of online learning opportunities for those looking to enhance their career prospects in their own time. The content covers business, management and leadership, and things like data and statistics, healthcare, and public policy. Participants need only a schedule between 6-12 hours per week to make steady progress.

Courses from credible institutions may help workers feel as if they are diversifying their skill set. They can also engage with different faculty, giving them access to a broader scope of ways to approach and understand a topic. If you’re the one to recommend an LSE course, your staff will appreciate the gesture.

Attend a Conference

Every successful employee needs perspective. In their minds, their efforts need to lead to something bigger than a payday or a happy boss. Letting them attend conferences is a great way to help them feel valued and appreciated.

Conferences can be a highly stimulating environment for any professional. Newcomers to their industry can witness the scope of their sector and gain a holistic understanding of what the future holds. Prolific business people enjoy attending conferences and networking with peers in their sector, be it online or in person.

Everything remarkable about an industry can be concentrated in these spaces, real or virtual, and imbue attendees with inspiration and direction. From marvellous innovative ideas to access to the minds behind them, professionals at every level can visit conferences and enjoy a fresh, mind-altering experience each time.

Those who attend together will find plenty of common ground in their surroundings. Numerous ideas can be discussed and debated, recommendations for specific talks and events can be interchanged, and the trip to real-world conferences can be fun and sociable.

Implement Corporate Volunteer Schemes

If you wish to open your employee’s minds, they need to be exposed to different people. They won’t succeed in this if they seldom expand their circle beyond their peers in the workplace.

Volunteer together as a team to help people less fortunate invest in something that is arguably ‘bigger’ than any business. Bond over that shared and limitless understanding. Let it all bring you closer together as a company as you serve a higher purpose.

Try to remember that there is a demand for what you can achieve here. For example, one group of corporate volunteers focused on helping lonely senior citizens, unearthing profound feelings of empathy and purpose in the process. Knowing that you are all making a difference in people’s lives can give your employees a greater sense of determination and character.

Of course, you’ll meet people other than those who are in need, too. Fellow volunteers will likely be working alongside you, and they will be proactive, compassionate individuals from all walks of life with stories of their own. Surrounding yourself and your colleagues with such a mix of people can only facilitate more good things occurring.

Build a Wellness Program

Wellness programs can teach workers to take their well-being more seriously and help them to look after themselves more diligently. The resources you provide can be a comforting and encouraging presence, establishing a caring consensus.

Effective wellness programs can be an amalgamation of things. They might feature discounts at wellness-related hotspots, paid for gym memberships, or subscriptions to well-being and mindfulness apps. These are just some ideas that can be the start of a robust wellness program.

Need more ideas? Feedback with your workers and see what they would recommend and request. After all, they are likely to know what they need better than anyone else.

Diversify your approach to enriching your employee’s lives and engage with various external opportunities to broaden their minds effectively.

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