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Confidence At Work

Joanna Clare

Do you consider yourself to be a confident person? If you were asked to describe five words to honestly describe yourself, would confidence be one of them? According to recent statistics performed within the United Kingdom, then it would appear that this is unlikely as a staggering number of people do not consider themselves attractive, intelligent, likeable or even good at the job they do.

Everyone struggles at certain times throughout their lives with issues of self worth and self esteem and it is perfectly normal to question oneself. For example, in the workplace if someone is offered a promotion at work when you also applied for it, you could be forgiven for fleetingly thinking that it was perhaps because they are better than you in some way. Of course, when thought about logically you will rationalise that actually it was because they perhaps have required experience or are suitably qualified for that particular advancement. The same goes for if a colleague asks someone else for advice in a work related situation. Again, they may feel that this is because that person is better placed to answer and definitely not because they ‘like’ the person more or do not value your opinions or expertise.

Not believing in our own individual uniqueness and value can have a negative impact on our feelings of self worth and self acceptance. We should never assume how people perceive us but we often do based upon our own insecurities.

Confidence is a mindset and everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and trust their own judgements and perceptions, ultimately to enjoy spending time with oneself and not experiencing any negative emotion. No one should feel inferior to colleagues as every person has a different role to assume with different personalities, physical attributes, skills and  backgrounds. If you feel uncertain about yourself then this can prove to be limiting whereas if you feel accepted for who you are then this will increase your self confidence.

If you can like,trust and believe in yourself as well as having faith in yourself then other people will recognise these qualities in you also.

Remind yourself on a regular basis of all your positive achievements however small and be mindful of compliments, work experience, skill and abilities. Be aware that your confidence may need some work and by identifying where you believe you are struggling then you will be able to seek help and focus on these issues. Every person has much to offer and often it is a matter of learning to recognise this in ourselvelves, the same way as we recognise it in others.

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