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All You Need to Know About a Career in Education

March 23, 2021
Olivia Batten

Studying for a degree in education can offer a direct pathway to working with children, young people and even mature students. Not only is a career in education rewarding but there are many opportunities to make a difference and progress into many different avenues of education.

Starting your career in Education

If education sounds like a sector you’re interested in then you need to work towards relevant qualifications. Depending on the type of role you want, here are some of the common ways of getting into education:

● Graduate degree in education, teaching or another relevant area

● Post-Graduate degree in teaching or education

● An apprenticeship

● An education certificate

Which pathways can you take?

The most common roles in education involve teaching but there are a huge range of positions to choose from and plenty of room for progression. If you study for a degree in education, this will usually give you an idea of which areas you are most interested in and best suited for.

Common education pathways include:

● Early years teacher

● Secondary school teaching in a particular subject

● Lecturer

● Supply teaching

● Learning mentor

● Student welfare

● Education administration

● Private tutor

How can you progress?

Working in education is a stable career that also offers room to progress. You can move up the ladder by taking on more responsibility, for example, as a teacher you might become head of a certain department or even become a headteacher. Education is a sector where you’re always learning as a teacher and adding to your range of professional skills so with dedication and hard work you can get far in education.

Education salary expectations

Your wage will depend on your experience, qualifications and the type of role you are applying for. Jobs in education usually offer a competitive starting salary, especially for graduates. Here’s a brief idea of what you can expect for some of the most common roles:

● NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) - £25,714 to £32,15

● Qualified teacher - £25,714 to £41,604

● Headteacher - £47,735 to £117,197

For other roles, this may vary between employers but there is always room for you to upskills and continue to move up the ladder.

What are the benefits of a career in education?

● You have the opportunity to work with children and young people.

● You can make a positive impact on students lives.

● Education allows you to be passionate about your chosen subject.

● There is a steady demand for teachers and educators.

● Working in education can be very fulfilling.

If you have a degree in education or plan on taking relevant qualifications, there are plenty of positions to suit every skill set and interest. Join The UK Careers Fair for free and start exploring your options. Meet with employers and kickstart your career today.

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