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All You Need to Know About a Career in Care

Olivia Batten

Care work is often considered one of the most rewarding career paths that a person can choose. From elderly residents to young people and children, working in care creates opportunities to meet with all kinds of people and the care services you provide are invaluable and will make a big impact on their lives. If you get a buzz from helping people and you’re looking for a career path that is fulfilling, being a carer ticks these boxes.

Starting your care career

There are different levels and areas of care such as social care, health care, specialist care and home care, so the pathway you choose will determine which qualifications are required. Specialist care services will expect applicants to have more experience or qualifications, however, as long as you have general care qualifications or you are working towards them, all avenues are open.

Here are some of the ways that you can start working in care:

● Gain an NVQ in Levels 2 and 3 of Health and Social Care

● Start an apprenticeship in care

● Be first aid trained

● Have qualifications in health, psychology or social studies

If you have previous experience in care such as voluntary work, this is also beneficial as it will show potential employers that you’re passionate about the sector.

Which pathways can you take?

Any position in care is one that will make a big difference to the patients, residents or individuals that you are helping, many of which are vulnerable. Some of the most common roles in care include:

● Activities worker

● Care worker

● Support worker

● Mental health support worker

There are many different areas of care but here are some of the responsibilities and tasks that you could be involved in:

● Personal care

● Washing and dressing residents

● Preparing and cooking meals

● Well-being checks

● Going to the shops to pick up shopping

● Providing companionship, having a chat and going on the client with outings

● Supervising medication intake and collecting prescriptions from the pharmacy

● Light housework and gardening

● Accompanying the client to doctor and hospital appointments

While some people may only require part-time help others require full-time assistance in a care home or within their own home. Every individual requires a different kind of help so no two days will ever be the same when you work in care.

Why work in care?

It’s a sociable job

Being a carer is a very sociable job as getting to know every resident is an important part of the role. If this is something you enjoy then working in care is a great option for you. You will meet some very interesting individuals and become involved in their lives.

Caring for others is rewarding

There’s no doubt that a job in care will be rewarding. Every bit of support you provide, whether that’s physical or mental care’ will be appreciated and make a huge difference. Being a carer is a valued profession.

You work with a mix of people

Carers are needed by all kinds of people young and old. You will mix with people from all walks of life which makes going to work interesting every day.

Care salary expectations

The salary of many positions in care are paid per hour but this does not apply to every role. Here are some of the most common roles in care and their average salary:

● Care worker - £18,000+

● Support worker - £18,000+

● Rehabilitation worker - £25,000

If you possess the skills to become a great carer, sign up for the UK Careers Fair today and meet with some of the best employers from the care industry.

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