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7 Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview

July 22, 2021
The UK Careers Fair

Preparing for a job interview can be nerve-wracking. You might have searched for the top questions that the interviewer might ask and already have answers in mind. For sure, your formal clothes are fresh and ready for that day. Aside from showing your intelligence, being neat and presentable is another important factor when you apply for jobs.

However, most candidates forget one crucial aspect of the interview: what to ask the interviewer. The interviewer would want to know your concerns regarding the job and the company, and intelligent questions may push you at the top of their list of potential candidates. Additionally, not asking anything can leave an impression that you lack interest in the position.

Can’t think of anything to ask your interviewer? Here are some ideas:

Question #1: What does a day in this position look like?

Often, the job recruitment process can’t give you enough visualisation about your daily tasks once you are hired for the position. Don’t be afraid to ask this question to let the interviewer describe the specifics of the job. If you make it to the company, you’ll have a better understanding of your job and will be able to fulfil what is expected of you.

Question #2: What’s the biggest challenge for the role?

This question will show how willing you are to take on the position and the challenges that come with it. Knowing the hurdles can also help you decide if you are fit for the job. On the other hand, you should be warned if the interviewer claims that there are not many challenges in this position. They could be keeping information from you, or the job might become boring and routine.

Question #3: Will there be training?

Training is vital for new employees to eventually deliver the productivity that the company needs. This will help you from your first day and become accustomed to the position. Regardless of your abilities or background, lack of training can affect the quality of your job.

Question #4: Is there any room for growth for this position?

Asking this question will show the interviewer that you aim to succeed in the company and that you are willing to stay for an extended period if there is room for growth. Ask the interviewer about the possible promotions you can aim for in the future.

Question #5: What is the culture and social side of the company like?

You won’t know what it’s like working in an office until you step in and spend some time there. However, you may have an idea of what you are getting into by asking questions like this. Do they value their employees by giving benefits and holding monthly activities? Take note that you will meet and work with those people every day, so this will help you decide if the existing culture is something you want to be part of.

Question #6: What do you think is the best thing about working in this company?

This allows you to know what it’s like to work in the company directly from an employee. Hopefully, the interviewer may give you a genuine answer on what they enjoy the most about working there and her opinions about the company.

Question #7: What is the next step I am going to take?

The most painful part of the hiring process is not hearing anything from a potential employer. So take this chance to ask what to expect in the next days or weeks. It’s also a good question to end the interview and imply that you have no more concerns.


Job interviews may feel like you are being interrogated, and you need to say only the right and best answer. However, do not forget that this process is a two-way communication between the company getting to know you and you who are trying to assess your potential fit. These seven questions will help you make an informed decision for the next step of your career!

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