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4 Tips to Prepare Your Social Media Profile for Recruitment

June 9, 2021
The UK Careers Fair

Although the prospect of getting a new job right after graduation is an exciting idea, you may feel a little afraid for one good reason: your recruiters may do some research on you! Many recruiters will do a background search to learn more about the individuals that are applying to their company. They can do so in different ways, with one of the most popular methods being a survey of their applicant's social media accounts.

Are you comfortable with recruiters checking out yours? Reputation is everything when it comes to professional life, and social media can either make or break that. That said, here is what you should know about managing your social networking activities to get recruited!

1. Try Searching Yourself

Ever tried searching yourself on social media or even a search engine? Did anything pop out about you that you do not like? If so, then you will have to edit your social media account's privacy setting!

Remember, search engines will pull out information from your profile, and whatever is not hidden away will more than likely be shown on the search engine results page. In other words, sort your social media profile, then try searching yourself up to make sure nothing you do not want to show up will show at all.

2. Run a Social Media Audit

If your social media account is fully public—meaning that anyone can access your social media profile—then going through your profile to ensure it is spotless is crucial! This even applies to posts you have made many, many years ago, as anything that you are not proud of may eventually show up and bring in concerns.

As such, if there is any embarrassing post you made or a controversial comment you made, go ahead and hide or even delete them! Take note that things you are tagged to will also show up on your profile, although those can be hidden so that only you can see what you have been tagged on.

3. Review Your Privacy Settings

Even on the social media accounts you no longer or barely use, reviewing its privacy settings is a must. This is to ensure that no matter where recruiters find you, they will only find things that you are more than happy to show off.

Think of it like cleaning up your home before a friend arrives so that they would not feel disgusted or off when they see what your home is like!

4. Separate Your Personal and Professional Life

Many people use their social media accounts for personal matters. However, many also rely on it for professional use as well!

How you want to go about using your social media account is entirely up to you—but one mistake you should never make is to mix the two to the point where you cannot control either side any longer! It can mess up your reputation if some questionable things pop up, hurting your ability to get recruited, or if you are already hired, it can get you fired. For some individuals, this means creating two separate social media accounts so that their personal life will be kept private, and other work-related things will be maintained on a professional-looking social media account.


In summary, be extra cautious about your social media account or accounts before applying for a job. Recruiters will most likely look through your social media profile to learn more about you, and the last thing you want to happen is them stumbling upon something that you are embarrassed about or do not want to show. Understand that you do not have to restrain yourself when it comes to your social media use, but what you must do is apply whatever tactic works that will help you maintain a professional-looking profile that is separate from your personal life.

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