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3 Ways of Getting an Repeat Client

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Being a freelancer can be quite challenging. You can get by with a few clients able to pay you fairly, but that may still not be enough to cover all of your expenses. Aside from that, you may end up switching from client to client, getting paid unevenly as not all projects are the same. Some pay handsomely more than others, but most of the time, it’s just enough to get you through the day.

With all of that said, there is indeed a lot to take in once you enter the prospect of being a freelancer. Your projects are uncertain, your clients vary, and your payment is unpredictable.

To help you gain a semblance of stability, you need to find a well-trusted client that will become your repeat client, which is essentially a person or company to be a consistent source of income without signing a regularisation contract. Also called an “anchor client,” it is the type of client that you can rely on to give you predictable business for the long haul. If your other projects run dry, at least you can depend on income earned from this client.

How to Find the Right Repeat Client

Thankfully, finding the perfect anchor client for you isn’t as challenging, so long as you know what to look out for. If you don’t know where to begin, we’ve got you covered:

  1. Build the Trust and Relationship with One of Your Clients

Sometimes, what you’re looking for may already be right under your nose. Some clients will be more than willing to hire you again if you show them that you are trustworthy and efficient.

You will also have the opportunity to show them what you got, which should include your talent, skills, and drive to finish what you started. Be the model employee they never had, and they may just call you for more high-paying projects.

  1. Offer a Fair Price to Your Clients

One unwritten rule when it comes to being a contractor or sole trader is never to overcharge your clients. You will not be able to build trust that way, and neither will you be able to prove the quality of your work if the topic of price would come up often.

Do your market research and see to it that your pricing is equivalent to the standard asking fee. If your performance goes above the client’s expectations, then there is a chance for them to offer you higher pay as a bonus after the project.

  1. Get in Touch with Your Old Contacts

What better way to find a repeat client than to reach out to your old contacts? Former colleagues, friends in the industry, and even former rivals have a particular connection that may be looking for a freelancer with talents and skills like yours.

Do not be embarrassed to get in touch as everyone goes through the slump and everyone’s been affected by the current pandemic. Some of your contacts may even be experiencing the same thing as well.

One advantage of finding old connections is that they tend to vouch for your past works and performances. Think of it as a form of user review, where the potential customers are the clients, and the past customers are your old contacts.


Getting a repeat client is vital for freelancers, especially if they wish to have consistent job orders for better pay. It may not be easy at first, but there are ways to get willing and trustworthy clients.

By earning the trust of your current clients, being fair with your service fees, and getting in touch with old contacts, you may very well find the perfect client that will care for your flexible employment arrangement and pay for all their hard work.

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