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Job title:
Senior Support Worker
Exhibiting at:
Edinburgh Careers Fair
will be hiring at the
Edinburgh Careers Fair
, which takes place at
Assembly Rooms
Wednesday, October 2, 2024
between the times of
10am - 2pm
Company Description

Why work for



WithYOU We are a charity with decades of experience supporting people across Scotland, providing those who need us with support that ranges from Mental Health, Learning Disability and Neurodiversity, Youth and Adult homelessness and Older People services. Why work with us? We have the following benefits to help attract and retain the best talent, ensuring we provide high quality care to those we support, this includes: 6% employer pension contribution Death in benefit cover (2 times salary) Enhanced Sick Pay Fully funded qualifications Career development and progression opportunities

job description
Job Description

The Role:

Senior Support Worker

Job Description: Senior Support Worker
Line Management Responsibility
: Support Workers
Accountable to: Team Leader / Service Manager
Terms of Contract: Full / Part time

Role of Senior Support Worker:

  • Apply your knowledge of social care practice to ensure the provision of a personalised, innovative, best value, high quality, inspiring and socially inclusive service.
  • Delivery of support as agreed in support plans for areas such as tenancy support, housing management support (if appropriate), health needs, personal development, emotional issues and inclusion that positively impacts the people you support’s health and wellbeing.
  • Be accountable for the delivery of the content of all support and its administration including, personal care, tenancy support, health needs, housing management (if appropriate), personal development, emotional issues and inclusion.
  • Contribute to and implement support plans that have been determined by the person receiving support or their chosen advocate.
  • Enable the fulfilment of the people you support’s goals and aspirations.
  • Actively and positively respond to the changing needs of people receiving support.
  • Commit to the development of your learning and practice to a high level of expertise in your specialist area.

Responsibilities of a Senior Support Worker:

Service Delivery:

  • Manage support plans, lead or contribute to regular support reviews of support goals, goal updates, protocols, guidelines, risk assessments and ensure the delivery of personalised support as described in the plans.
  • Record planned support and delivery using language; whether written or electronic that is clear, official, respectful, appropriate and professional.
  • If appropriate, undertake the delivery of all eligible services as defined by the Housing Benefit Service Charge.
  • Act as a keyworker for the people you support.
  • Participate in the service’s referral, interviewing and selection procedures.
  • Provide mutually agreed personalised support to allow the people you support to live their lives to their full potential by promoting choice, independence and personal rights.
  • Ensure all work undertaken is based on the assessment of the risk to the people you are providing support to, colleagues and yourself.
  • Assist the people you provide support to, to access educational, occupational, housing and recreational opportunities.
  • Enable or assist the people you support to effectively manage their home environment.
  • Prompt or assist people you support with taking medication, following dosage instructions already prescribed and recording procedures.
  • Recognise change as an integral part of the delivery of support and personal care and implement thoughtfully.
  • Actively promote health awareness and healthy living and facilitate positive lifestyle choices, preserve rights and ensure personalised communication is used for the people you support.
  • Ensure personalised communication is used with all people you support.
  • Ensure that all relevant information relating to the responsibilities of the role is communicated appropriately.
  • Ensure that the principles of confidentiality are integrated into all aspects of support delivery.
  • Preserve the rights of the people you support.
  • Meet the aims and objectives of the Service.
  • Undertake any other task identified as being necessary to fulfil contract requirements or the requirements of an individual support or care package.

Accountability for Support Delivery:

  • All support you provide must be administratively accounted for timeously and accurately including direct support, indirect support, group work, cancelled support, travel, third party notes and telephone calls.
  • All support delivery administration that the people you line manage are responsible for must be regularly reviewed by you to ensure they are following procedure and protocol.

Involvement and Integration:

  • Support people who you provide support to, to play an active role in the overview, development, and evaluation of the Service and with YOU.
  • Access internal and external personal development opportunities for the people you provide support to e.g., peer support volunteering and paid work, training opportunities (delivering and attending), creative arts and health and wellbeing events.

Joint Working:

  • Participate as a member of the service team by appropriately sharing information and attending meetings.
  • Contribute to relevant meetings within the wider organization as required.
  • Facilitate families, friends and advocates influence on the way the person we support’s service is delivered as defined by regular reviews.

Staff Management:

  • Take on the role of shift leader in the absence of the Team Leader or the Service Manager.
  • Provide appropriate development opportunities for the people you line manage through the provision of supervision and appraisal.


  • Represent and protect diversity through valuing everyone’s contribution, by integrating diversity into all that you do and promoting its core values.


  • Use your own initiative to manage time effectively, keeping all work up-to-date and prioritizing to ensure that the most urgent is dealt with first.
  • Make full and appropriate use (adhere to policy and procedure) of any electronic devices that you have been allocated.
  • Create a positive image of cooperation, respect and goodwill in every aspect of your work.
  • Recognize that you are accountable and responsible at all times in your role.
  • Abide by the National Care Standards and Scottish Social Services Council’s codes of practice in all work undertaken.
  • Undertake ‘Continual Professional Development’ through taking personal

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