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Latest Update | 01/04/2021

March 31, 2021
The UK Careers Fair

The UK Careers Fair Update | 01/04/2021

A year after the national lockdown brought everyday life to a standstill in the UK, in this article, we reflect on how things here at The UK Careers Fair has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, including examples of how we have adapted as an organisation, and we will also be providing updates on what’s next for us moving further into 2021.

Let’s start with what happened last year.

March 6th 2020:

This is the date that we held our last (for now) in-person/physical Career Fairs which took place in both Liverpool, and Truro simultaneously.

March 9th 2020:

This is the date that The UK Careers Fair took the decision based on recent developments at the time to postpone all events for 12 weeks, effectively cancelling 28 of our upcoming events overnight.

March 23rd 2020:

PM Boris Johnson announces strict lockdown measures across the country, and as a result, The UK Careers Fair cancelled all upcoming events until the tentative date of October 2020.

June 10th 2020:

PM Boris Johnson announces a roadmap out of the UK Lockdown, with a tentative date of October 1st for the re-opening of large indoor events such as our events.

June 11th 2020:

After intense internal discussions, The UK Careers Fair took the decision to continue with planning for the October 1st date of resumption, including, but not limited to the planning of strict safety measure at each event including protective screens, one-way systems, hand-sanitizing stations, mandatory face-masks, and a timed-ticketing system in place.

June 12th 2020:

Based on discussions that were held on June 11th 2020, The UK Careers Fair moved forward with contingency planning in the event that our event(s) would not resume as planned on October 1st. This plan would be to successfully design, build and deploy a fully functioning virtual platform of which we could host our events.

September 17th 2020:

PM Boris Johnson announces that the tentative date of October 1st for events re-opening has been cancelled due to a significant rise in COVID-19 case numbers, effectively triggering our contingency plan into action instantaneously.

October 1st 2020:

We successfully hosted our very first Virtual Careers Fair in Aberdeen which attracted 1000+ local candidates on the day.

October 2nd  - December 31st 2020.

Since our initial Virtual Careers Fair launch, we moved forward with hosting a full and comprehensive schedule of events of which resulted in total the successful deployment of hosting an unprecedented 74 Virtual events, in over 47 locations across the UK, in just over 8 weeks.

Jan 7th 2021:

We moved forward with more Virtual events for Q1 of 2021, however rather than localised events, we switched our focus to regional events, which increased both candidate and exhibitor numbers exponentially.

Jan 20th 2021:

We opened up a separate bespoke division for white-label virtual events, which were hosted, designed, powered and managed by The UK Careers Fair, which gained hundreds of enquiries in a matter of hours, eventually resulting in organisations such as the Department of Wok and Pensions, Birmingham City Council, Tees Valley Combined Authority, Reed in Partnership, Black Country Skills Factory, and various other large organisations commissioning The UK Careers Fair to deliver large scale, immersive, and full-functionality virtual events.

Jan – March 2021.

We successfully hosted 24 regional Virtual Careers Expo, attracting thousands of job-seekers, and large organisations such as Lidl, The British Army, RAF, Affinity Trust, The European Union (Europass), University of Football Business and many more blue-chip organisations alongside local hiring SME’s.

April 1st 2021:

As of today (April 1st 2021) we are proud to announce the following new developments:

2021 Physical/In-Person Event Schedule:

We’ve now released our 2021 Physical/In-Person Event Schedule which will take place from September 2021 onwards, with The UK Careers Fair 2021 starting in Leicester and Finishing in Belfast 26 events later.

2021 Virtual Event Schedule

Our Q2 2021 Virtual Event Schedule has now also been released, visiting 10 regions (virtually) on our brand new V2.0 Virtual Platform. Starting from 14th May 2021 in Yorkshire & The Humber and finishing on 30th July 2021 in Scotland.

Exhibitor Book with Confidence Guarantee:

Exhibitors can now change event dates and location without incurring a change fee, giving flexibility to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

Our book with confidence commitment means exhibitors have the option to change booking(s) date(s) and location or even cancel a booking completely.

What’s more? In the instance that a physical event cannot take place due to government restrictions, the event will be made available virtually.

Exhibitors will then receive a complimentary stand at the next applicable physical event in addition.

Stay tuned for more exiting updates.

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