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Team Leader

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Job Description:

We are looking for Full Time and Part Time Team Members to join our Starbucks, Burger King and Coffee & Bakery Units at Edinburgh Airport. As a team member you will work a variety of shifts between 3am and 12am.

Why work for
We have a great heritage and a long track record in the hospitality business. We take great pride in developing our teams to provide the best food, drink and service for our customers in what is often a very busy environment. Making sure the customer gets the best experience every time is our number one goal. Our ambition is to be recognised as the leading Food and Beverage operator in travel locations worldwide. And we love food. If you care as much about these two things as we do then you’re in the right place. Our business is built around people. We rely on and empower our teams to recognise great effort when they see it and really celebrate success. This is your career, we want you to make a difference to our business by using your expertise and experience.
Edinburgh Careers Fair
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Assembly Rooms
10am - 2pm
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