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Prison Custody Officer

Serco - HMP Doncaster
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Job Description:

The position of Prison Custody Officer (PCO) is paramount in assuring the safety, security and decency of prisoners and accommodation. The PCO is the interface between all other members of staff, visitors and prisoners, performing a pivotal role in the generation of positive relationships and dynamic security. Operational matters such as searching, supervision, and security together with risk assessment/administration processes including IEP, ACCT and the Personal Officer Scheme must all be effectively delivered to meet the required outcomes.

Daily duties involve:

• Supervising prisoners in all aspects of wing based activity

• Encouraging prisoners to go to work or complete the jobs they have within the prison

• Attending additional education classes

• Serving food and effectively managing prisoners at risk of self-harm

• Operational matters such as prisoner headcounts, searching, supervision and security together with administrative processes must all be effectively delivered. Every prisoner reacts differently and you will see a full range of emotions from; apathy, anger, remorse or trauma. For the person in prison it can be one of the most stressful situations they will ever encounter, but for you it’s an everyday part of your job."

Why work for
Serco - HMP Doncaster
Make no mistake, this is a role where your contribution counts - helping to give offenders structure within their lives, being a role model to encourage positive choices and ensuring that the prisoners are supported during their rehabilitation journey. When you are on duty you will act as mentor and will assure the safety, security and decency of prisoners and perform a pivotal role within the prison and the community it serves.
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