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Care Assistant

Oakminster Healthcare
Exhibiting at:
Glasgow Careers Fair
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Job Description:

The Care Assistant is part of the caring team and as such works with other staff to care for the residents in the Home. The work can be physically and mentally demanding, and the person appointed to the post will be expected to have an understanding of, and sympathy with, residents. To apply for the post, you do not require any training, but previous experience of work with the elderly would be helpful. 4. Professional Duties • Adhere of all company’s policies and procedures. • Establish and maintain a caring relationship with all residents – understanding their needs. Treat residents, their visitors with kindness and sympathy. Never over react on Resident’s behaviour. • To provide residents with range of practical support, facilities and assistance aimed at allowing them to achieve the optimum level of independence, comfort and quality of life. • Assessment of residents’ needs and the formulation and implementation of plans of care agreed with the resident and senior staff. • To initiate and/or participate in appropriate leisure and recreational activities or outings with residents and to ensure that all residents have the opportunity to participate in these. • To offer practical assistance with personal, domestic or any other tasks associated with the activities of daily living. • Never betray residents’ confidences. Maintain confidentiality in case of each individual Resident’s affairs. Keep confidentiality of home business and refer all the enquiries about residents to person in charge, never attempt to answer them yourself. • Participate in any training programme require. • Act on behalf of residents to ensure that the individual resident’s dignity is maintained at all times. To ensure that residents are respectably and comfortably dressed and that they are appropriately groomed. • Assist Resident in their personal hygiene and grooming, toileting, in particular: o Bathing Routine o Daily personal hygiene, ensuring that hands and face are clean. o Nails are cut and clean. Hair clean and styled. Teeth, dentures and spectacles are clean. o Feet are washed and clean. o Toenails are clean and neatly trimmed. o Clothing is appropriate, clean and named. o After meals – mouth, hands and clothing are clean. o Wheelchairs and walking aids, hearing aids are clean and in good order. • Ensure that the environment is clean and tidy and free from hazardous items at all time. Never block fire escapes and exit ways. • To help the residents to lead a full life as possible, to organise activities for the residents, e.g. handicrafts, games, reading, etc. • Interact with residents whenever possible. • To assist Nurse on duty, physiotherapist or chiropodist if necessary. • Treat all visitors with courtesy 5. Daily Duties • To help with serving meals and assisting residents where necessary. • To make drinks, or help residents make drinks when required. • To report any change in resident’s condition to the Nurse on duty. • To report incidents to residents, staff or visitors to the Nurse on duty, who will record it in the Incident Record. • To care for equipment and report any defects to the Manager. • To accompany residents to activities outside the Home when necessary. • To help wash and dress residents when necessary. • To interact and help resident with their daily requirements. • To help residents with their shopping requirements. • Take particular care while helping Residents on and off from wheelchairs and bed. • When not actively involved in caring duties, assist in keeping wardrobes and drawers tidy. • To assist with any other duties if required.

Why work for
Oakminster Healthcare
Are you currently working in the care sector and looking for a new exciting and flexible role? Oakminster healthcare group is an established company in Scotland; our group has delivered quality care across Glasgow for over 25 years, delivering person centred care and showcasing our core values, Integrity, Compassion, Responsibility, Wellbeing, and Inclusion. We have opportunities in our 5 care homes for various positions in the Glasgow area. We’re looking for an experienced carer. We value our staff and this is reflected in our pay, and high quality training. If you would like to work for a well-known and trusted company, known for the quality of its staffing, then we want to hear from you!
Glasgow Careers Fair
will take place at
Hampden Park
10am - 2pm
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