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Job title:
Carecall247 Controller Responder
Exhibiting at:
Southend Careers Fair
East of England
will be hiring at the
Southend Careers Fair
, which takes place at
Cliffs Pavilion
Friday, October 4, 2024
between the times of
10am - 2pm
Company Description

Why work for



For job satisfaction, knowing that you are making a difference to our service users.

job description
Job Description

The Role:

Carecall247 Controller Responder

JOB TITLE: Controller Responder
PAY BAND: Local pay grade
SPECIALTY: Telecare, Telehealth, Falls
SERVICE: Carecall247
ACCOUNTABLE TO: Carecall247 Manager


To provide a Carecall247 Emergency monitoring service to all Carecall247 customers and a physical emergency response to technical issues and emergencies in line with Telecare Service Association (TSA) guidelines and in compliance with the TSA Codes of Practice.

Operational or Strategic Responsibilities

  1. To monitor and answer calls on the call handling platform in line with TSA and local guidelines.
  2. To provide a timely, effective response to emergency alerts/alarms from Carecall247 customers within their own homes, workplaces or in Sheltered Schemes
  3. To complete onward referrals, in consultation with the customer to relevant health and social care services
  4. Under direction of Line Manager, to ensure that the Carecall247 Service is Telecare Services Association (TSA) Codes of Practice compliant.
  5. Ensure a high level of inputting into the call answering system and that accurate customer records are maintained ensuring customer and system confidentiality and security.
  6. To cover colleagues within the service in the event of staff sickness or other absences if necessary.
  7. To provide an out of hours on-call responder service to include covering out of hours on-call colleagues absence so this service is self-relieving.
  8. To undertake the assessment and triage of a client who has fallen in their home and, where this is a non-injurious fall, to safely use the slides sheets and Raizer lifting chair to lift the customer.
  9. To manage referrals to the service in line with service level agreement and within agreed time frames.

Communication and Relationship Skills

  • To interact with all service users and/or advocates in a professional and skilful manner to achieve the best outcome and uphold the reputation of the service and organisation.
  • To provide guidance, raise awareness and liaise with associated partners in health, social care and the community.
  • To engage effectively by telephone with individuals from agreed target groups
  • To give guidance and reassurance to service user when implementing a lift following a non-injurious fall.
  • To give instructions on correct usage of telecare/alarm equipment to service user and/or relatives.


  • To manage all customer interactions and data in line with Provide Governance procedures.
  • To work within the standards set by the Telecare Services Association and customers service level agreement/contractual standards
  • To deliver the service to agreed targets and report any breaches to Line Management.
  • To ensure that customer referrals are managed in a professional and timely manner.
  • To be responsible for organising and undertaking own workload as allocated by Line Management

Use of Information Resources

  • Ensure the Carecall247 Centre database is kept up to date, that the Data Protection act is followed, and accurate records are maintained for an efficient service.
  • To ensure any serious technical problems are reported to Line Manager or relevant party immediately and take appropriate steps to resolve them as soon as possible.

Responsibility for Customer Care

  • To carry out Home and Risk Assessments, Health and Safety checks and provide basic Benefits information, or information on other relevant services if required.
  • To undertake the assessment and triage of a customer who has fallen in their home and, where this is a non-injurious fall, to safely use the slides sheets and Raizer lifting chair to lift the customer.

This role specification indicates the main functions of the post. It is not an exhaustive list of the responsibilities and tasks required for the job. There may be a requirement to undertake other duties as reasonably required including working 24/7/365 to support the organisation. This may also include work outside of the postholder’s normal sphere of activities, including functions not detailed within this role specification or working within another location or environment.  The postholder will not be required to undertake any function for which they are not qualified or competent to perform.  

The postholder must be familiar with, and adhere to, all Provide policies and procedures which can be found on the Intranet.

The postholder is accountable and responsible for the implementation and adherence to;

  • The Health Care Act 2006, (revision 2008)
  • The Equality Act 2010
  • The Care Quality Commission Essential standards of Quality and Safety 2010,
  • Health and Safety legislation in relation to patient safety and maintaining a safe working environment
  • Data protection act 1998 and confidentiality code of conduct

The maintenance of the standards set out within this legislation will guide staff in maintaining the quality of care and safety required within their role ‘

Safeguarding Children, Young People & Vulnerable Adults

Safeguarding is a key priority of the organisation.  Staff must always be alert to the possibility of harm to children, young people and vulnerable adults through abuse and neglect. This includes being aware of the adults who may find parenting difficult. All staff should be able to recognise the indicators of abuse and know how to act on them, including the correct processes and decisions to be undertaken when sharing information. The depth of knowledge you work from must be commensurate with your role and responsibilities. All staff must follow the Safeguarding policies and guidelines, know how to seek specialist advice and must make themselves available for training and supervision as required.

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