Do I need to pre-register?

No; you can just turn up on the day. However you can register your interest here which gives us a better idea of the estimated footfall on the day.

What should I bring to the Careers Fair?

Bring plenty of copies of your CV

What should I do to prepare?

1. Research the employers that you are interested in; you will want to know what the company does, what positions they have available, and how your skills fit with each position

2. Come up with a few questions to ask each employer

3. Practice your interview and communication skills

How many employers will be attending the Career Fair?

This varies depending on the location - see the event page via Facebook for specifics.

What type of companies attend?

There is usually a wide range of employers that attend our Careers Fair. We do not exclude any industry from attending.

Do we need to pre-register?

Yes. The quickest way to secure your stand is via this page.

What should we bring to the Careers Fair?

This is completely up to you. You are provided with a table and plenty of space.. get creative! Most employers opt to bring various marketing and branding materials. You can contact us for guidance if required

What should we do to prepare?

1. Make sure you have a list of all vacancies at your organisation 

2. Ensure you have enough staff present to deal with multiple candidates at once

3. Make sure your organisation stands out (we recommend a large banner/sign clearly stating who you are)

How many candidates will be attending on the day?

The number of candidates that attend varies depending on location. You can always expect a minimum footfall of 600+ candidates on the day; these will be a mixture of individuals based in and around the surrounding towns of your desired location.

The event lasts from 10am-2pm and we have a strong flow of candidates throughout the whole day as we spend a lot of time marketing the event and ensuring maximum footfall.

If you have any other questions - contact us